Crafting Copy that Converts: 10 Practical Tips from an SEO Perspective


Let’s face it: whether for brand awareness, lead generation or SEO purposes, the ultimate goal of creating content is to make money (or for businesses or sites we work for). So, how do you excel in it? Are there secrets for creating content that encourages more conversions?

Well, there is and we’ve created it for our partners around the nation whether it be Philadelphia Digital Marketing, Denver SEO Content, San Antonio search engine optimization, our Detroit SEO Experts, SEO Services Minneapolis, and the list goes on.

Here are the top 10 tactics that you leverage to write copy that converts.

1. Target valuable Keywords

Successful SEO content writing begins with sound keyword research. Use tools such as Keyword Planner, Keyword Tool, and Ubersuggest to find the most relevant keywords for your site. When crafting content, include your keywords within strategic places of your copy such as page title headings, meta descriptions, and site content.

2. Keep it Simple

You don’t need to write a novel to get noticed. Just figure out the most relevant information to your target audience and present it in a concise and simple way. Keep your language clear, your sentences short, and don’t be tempted to get too fancy—your copy should be easy to read.

3. Craft a compelling introduction

  • A compelling introduction is critical to content that converts. Implement these tips to perfect your hook:
  • Ensure that your opening sentence is attention-grabbing and captivating
  • Self-edit to ensure that sentences are direct, clear and concise
  • State the purpose or intention of your copy without wasting time


4. Nail your Headlines

According Copyblogger, while 8 out of 10 people will read your copy’s headline, only 2 out of 10 will take their time to read the entire copy. This implies one thing: the better your headlines are, the higher your chances are of getting readers to read until the end of your articles.

5. Integrate Long Tail Keywords

According to a recent article published in, it is considerably easy to rank for long tail keywords than standard keywords. For starters, long tail keywords have at least 4 or more words. The more descriptive your keywords are, the higher the probability that your copy will convert.

6. Add A Few Internal Links To Other Valuable Content

Adding a few links from your existing posts will make it easier for search engines to crawl and discover your new copy. This makes it easier for the same search engines to index your new content, boosting your chances of clinching a top search result spot. You can do this inner linking within the content itself or you can choose to put related posts at the bottom of your blog.

7. Include Actionable Call to Action

To write a copy that converts, don’t be tempted to wait for readers to take action on their own. You have to prompt them to do so by providing clear and immediate call to action at strategic points in your copy.

8. Offer Advice, Not Pitches

If your copy is too promotional, nobody will trust what you say. On the flip side, if 90% of your content is educational and can solve the problems of your leads, those leads are more likely to convert when you come up with a proposition at the end of your copy or when you recommend a product or service.

9. Don’t Shy Away From Getting Specific With Real Numbers

You have researched on your topic, analyzed popular blogs and your competition, so you have the data or numbers to throw around—do it! It is your business, product, or service over the competition, so use your data or any resourceful statistics as a benefit and a feature on your copy.

10. Stunning Conclusion

If you fail to make any impact with your conclusion, your copy won’t achieve anything, either. It will never inspire your readers, it won’t make them remember your copy or website, and it won’t compel them to take action. To write a copy that converts, you have to craft a stunning conclusion:

  • Reiterate your key points but drive them home.
  • Leave your readers with a memorable idea or image of your key points.
  • End with a question that inspires your readers.
  • Look forward to the future and encourage your target audience to do the same.


Ultimately, writing a copy that converts with SEO is never a ‘one and done process’. While you sometimes need to hit that ‘good enough” button to get the copy up and live on your landing page or website, a converting copy is something that you should be testing and tweaking as long as your site is live. Give a few of the above-highlighted tips a try now, but strive to come back a few weeks or months to find a new way of improving your copy and your conversion rate.

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