There are a lot of theories and ideas out there about digital marketing. There are some great marketing experts and some that are claiming to be experts. I want to help you save time and energy – potential thousands of hours and dollars. My sole purpose is to help people succeed much faster in their chosen fields of endeavor.

Mistake #1 – Dabble in Marketing Using Everyone’s “Advice”

Have you ever said, “Our practice has tried every technique and nothing has worked. We’ve followed all the expert’s advice and implemented the ideas, even ideas other businesses we know. It gets overwhelming and just doesn’t work for us.”

Can you relate to this at all? It’s easy to become overwhelmed quickly since there are so many experts out there offering different methods for you to use. It sounds simple, although the real issue is a bit complicated.

Have you ever considered some of these gurus are manipulating you and creating an urgency for you to do it their way or else you’re doomed to failure? These experts have a belief in their own methods and their methods are all correct. But the real question is…

Is it the right method for you and your type of business?

Is your strategy in the right place for you to implement their method? Are you fully understanding the strategy they’re proposing? Are you using any strategy or too many strategies? Are you switching back and forth between all the marketing methods? There are just so many methods and gurus out there it can be very confusing for a business owner.

Do know there is a lot of fantastic advice out there and many knowledgeable experts do exist. Some things will work for you but not all of them. Successful marketing campaigns start with a consistent process and plan at the right time for you and your business.

Yes, the bottom line of marketing success is timing. Choosing the right time to implement a strategy that is right for you. And it’s important to follow one strategy at a time to see if it works for you and your business.

Mistake #2 – Dabbling Without Commitment

Many business owners get anxious about trying a new method and give up too soon. They may try a method and may not fully understand it and get frustrated so they quit. The next thing you know they find something else and begin the new method without the proper sequence, measuring, certainty, or patience.

It’s easy to be afraid to try new things and to not be sure as to how they will turn out. Our brain’s natural tendency is to be negative and to think of all the potential things that will go wrong instead of what may go right.

Patience is a tough one for many business owners – they may feel as though they are spread too thin and possibly wear too many hats to accomplish all that needs to get done. It is important to give a new method a chance to work with proper testing to see it reach it’s highest potential. If you quit too soon, you may not reap the benefits.

The point is you want results and you wanted them yesterday. We all want that for our lives and businesses. It is crucial to be committed to the plan you’ve outlined for it to work for you. Then and only then you can measure the progress, make changes, and see if it will work for you.

Mistake #3 – Spending More Time On Management Than Your Marketing

This mistake is highly prevalent, especially among newer business owners. It may sound something like this, “Nearly all our marketing budget is used up with our Chamber of Commerce partner sponsorships. We’ve thought about adding more funds to our marketing budget once we get more sales and new customers, but right now we’re focusing on expanding our business.”

What was that? You want to expand your business but aren’t allocating any more resources to your marketing budget? How does this make any sense whatsoever?

I do understand there is only so much time for a person to do anything. How is it possible to obtain new sales and customers if we don’t add new strategies to acquire them?

Let me say this I do believe in connecting with other businesses through groups like Chamber of Commerce and sponsorship partnerships – although I do believe that this falls under the category of donations and outreach. This should not be considered as a marketing strategy. So if this is you reading this, no offense just make a different plan for your marketing efforts.

Consider how much time you designate in your business to production, operations, and marketing. Think about that number whether it be hours on a weekly basis, monthly basis, or annual basis. What did you come up with?

What I know for sure is that the most successful businesses focus on these three areas in the following way: Marketing 70%, Production 15%, and Operations 15%. Are you surprised by these numbers?

What is most needed in any business is traffic coming to the business. You really need leads and customers before you have to even worry about improving your operations.

First, start to create your following – your fans and people that are interested in what you offer. Many business owners think because they exist their potential customers will know about them (especially if they throw up a website – won’t it magically get found?). No, they don’t! You have to make them aware through your marketing. And after they know about you it’s time to improve your product or service.

In today’s world digital marketing is critical for any business. Using the right plan and mindset your business can grow exponentially. Want it to grow ten or twenty times more than it is now? It is absolutely possible or you can make it explode even more.

To sum up, your goal is to focus on key strategies that will grow your business. You can profit and grow your business online with dedication and persistence. If you want us to help you with your online marketing goals feel free to send us an email for a complimentary consultation today.