Want to Improve your Social Media Campaigns? Here are 7 Leading Optimization Tips


To say social media is massive would be an understatement. All the various platforms keep growing daily and new ones are added. According to a study done by Fast Company, 93% of marketers in the world utilize social media to advertise their business. With the billions of social media users, there’s a lot to lose if you don’t take full advantage of social media marketing.

Social media marketing takes wit and skill. It doesn’t happen by chance. You have to be thoughtful and employ the best strategies that catch the attention of social media users, because it’s known as interruptive marketing. Here, we’ve given you a constructive list of 7 social media optimization tips to improve your campaigns.

1. Develop An Execution Strategy

Before you think of creating your company’s social media profiles, first come up with a game plan. This is by far the most important tip that will bring you success. Go over the number of tweets or videos to publish on a daily basis, compile your content in some form of an editorial calendar, set up a weekly or monthly publishing calendar, and share it with your content team. Put simply, plan ahead.

2. Post Content Daily

With the heavy usage of social media, it comes as no surprise that users are always on the lookout for fresh and engaging content. If you find it hard to post good content on all your profiles on a daily basis, get someone to do it for you. When you leave gaps, your followers find reasons to jump ship and check out the next best company. Not only will you lose current followers, you might not have any new ones come on board either.

3. Capitalize On Real-Time Marketing

Whether it is Facebook live streaming, Instagram stories, or live-tweeting, real-time updates have a way of making your brand appear active. Real-time marketing (RTM) is based on chasing trends, news, and events taking place either online and offline and reacting quickly to it. Modern day customers don’t enjoy waiting for weekly updates or even every other day. By doing this, business owners maintain consistent engagement with their audience through cutting edge data.

4. Offer Quality Customer Care

Running an active social media profile and loading it up with relevant and real-time content is one thing; offering quality customer service is another. If you want to lose trust with your existing and prospective clients, don’t respond to their tweets and comments. The opposite is also true. Deliver a timely and thoughtful response and you instantly have their attention plus that of other users.

5. Master your CTAs

As with any other marketing strategy, social media optimization uses call-to-actions (CTAs) to prompt users to take action. Many marketers know this too well but not a whole lot of them understand how to do it right. Most of their CTAs are vague, generic, not obvious, and downright ambiguous. In case you are wondering, a good CTA should:

  • Be short and concise
  • Be big enough to be easily found and small enough to not qualify as a distraction
  • Be strategically placed
  • Use text that creates urgency
  • Use bold colors
  • Use visuals

No need to go into details here. Social media is about using images, infographics, video, GIFs, screenshots, presentations, and memes. Forget about capturing the attention of your audience if you don’t take full advantage of these components.

6. Boost your posts

Even after creating killer content on your Facebook page, there’s a high likelihood that your audience will not see it. You know why? Because there are millions of others offering engaging content every minute. Your best shot at better promotions is boosting your posts. You can splash some cash to have more reach using ads. Select the right target group for your ads and get more value for your buck.

7. Analyze Your Accounts Regularly

Once followers begin trickling in, develop a habit of monitoring your accounts. It is an unending process that helps you keep abreast with changes in the social media world and create new ways to deal with them. Utilize a few tools offered by social media platforms to constantly test and monitor your social media strategies.

Social media optimization is not rocket science but it demands a high level of commitment, dedication, and skill. Follow the tips suggested here to the letter and watch how your campaigns convert in record time. If you’re interested in help with social media optimization or social media advertising, the Minneapolis SEO Ninjas at Premier SEO Ninjas offers free consultations, send an email to elizabeth@premierseoninjas.com today.