7 Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Turbocharge Your Business


If you want your business to gain significant exposure, then you have to embrace digital marketing. Radio, TV, and Newspaper ads are still effective, but let’s face it: these old-school methods don’t hold a candle to SEO, omnipresent marketing, social media advertising and other forms of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is easily accessible and more financially efficient, especially when done correctly. But it is not simple and not all digital marketing methods are equally effective. While some strategies will hit the bull’s-eye, others will never come close.

So, which digital marketing strategies should you adopt? Well, here are 7 of the best types of digital marketing strategies that are crucial for your business today.

1. Search Engine Optimization

All online businesses live at the mercy of big search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. If done correctly, search engine optimization (SEO) can help you drive a lot of traffic to your website. For starters, the goal of any SEO campaign is to optimize content to make it appear in the first pages or results of search engine results pages (or SERPs). SEO is a critical digital marketing strategy that you must consider if you want to stay competitive. And don’t forget, Premier SEO Ninjas offers SEO marketing strategies to clients across the country. So whether you’re looking for Detroit SEO Services, Philadelphia SEO Services, Denver SEO Services, Minneapolis SEO Ninjas Services, or San Antonio SEO Servies, we’ve got you covered.

2. Search Engine marketing (SEM)

SEO is not the only way to drive traffic from search engines. SEM allows you to advertise your site in common search engines so that it can appear among paid search results, which are often displayed above organic results in SERPs. They are displayed in the same way as organic results but with a small “Ad’ label next to your URL. Most common paid search services that are worth your money are Google Ads, YouTube Ads, and retargeting ads.

3. Retargeting marketing

At Premier SEO Ninjas we call this the omnipresent effect. Often when visitors come to a site they’re gathering information and comparing your products or services to others who offer the same thing. Follow the visitors that have gone away for 14 days everywhere on the internet (even their gmail inbox) to make sure they’ll come back to your site to do business with you. This is what smart business owners do in their marketing and one of the most effective forms of advertising today.

4. Social Media marketing

Everything that you do to spread the word about your business on social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter etc) is termed as social media marketing. Compared to SEO and SEM, social media marketing allows you to connect with your target audience in a more intimate way. From the interaction, you have an opportunity to gain insightful feedback that allows you improve the quality of your products and services as well as your customer service.

5. Influencer Marketing

This is among the newest forms of digital marketing. Influencer marketing entails using individuals with enormous online reach, especially in areas or target markets that can help you drive traffic and sales. This type of market is common on social media channels like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. You can hire Instagrammers or celebrities with huge followings to help you promote your business by posting one or more promotion items related to your business.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing is another critical form of digital marketing that every business should consider. It involves updating your email subscribers on a regular basis about your business. The goal of this form of digital marketing is to foster good relationships with subscribers. Your updates should offer value to your customers so that you can build trust and brand loyalty.

The best email marketing campaign should target a list of subscribers earned by your content or offers that your business gives to its loyal customers. Avoid paid email subscribers. People who willingly opt-in to your email subscription are more likely to become your active buyers.

7. Content Marketing

Content marketing is an indirect way of digital marketing. It involves publishing content that your target audience will find naturally whenever they are browsing the web. 88 percent of B2B marketers confirm that content marketing forms an integral part of their digital marketing strategies, so you should be left behind. The goal of content marketing is to make your target audience interact with your content by reading, commenting, and sharing it. You can publish useful and sharable content in form of reports, informative blog posts, white papers, infographics, or webinars (LinkedIn is a great platform for this).


Building a successful business is an uphill battle given the fierce competition in the current business world. However, by opting for the right digital marketing strategy, you can stand out from the crowd. SEO, SEM, omnipresent, content, social media, email, and influencer marketing have proven to yield high ROI. To get the best results, strive to decide which types of digital marketing suits your business best. Remember that you cannot be a master of all marketing strategies overnight and it is advisable not to spread yourself (and your resources) thin while still learning the ropes.

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