8 Expert Ways to Use Google Search Trends For SEO


When doing keyword research, you have probably used Google Trends without your knowledge. This powerful tool is a true game changer with regards to SEO, particularly content marketing strategy and keyword research. Along with giving you current trends to make your content fresh, Google Trends can help you improve your rankings for more keywords and ultimately give your organic traffic a big boost.

Many people don’t know how to make the most of Google Search Trends. They fail to realize the massive opportunity it has for the growth of their companies. This is why we’re providing you with 8 expert ways you can use Google Search Trends for your SEO.

What is Google Trends, anyway?

Google Trends is a series of advanced web marketing tools used to track and analyze terms in different languages and across various geographical regions to establish which ones are the most popular. Knowing these terms will help you leverage the rise in Google search traffic for the popular terms to your advantage.

How Does It Work?

Google Trends displays the relative popularity of a certain search term between 0 and 100 at different times. These figures are then plotted in a graph over the time period you choose. The relative popularity is obtained by dividing the search volume (for a certain location and time period) by the number of searches. So, if you observe relative popularity of 100 in your search term, it simply means it has attained peak popularity. A zero figure means the data wasn’t sufficient. By knowing the relative popularity of search terms, you can compare them on one line graph to understand the ones worth targeting during content creation and link building.

How to use Google Trends

Let’s now dive deeper into the expert ways of using Google Search Trends to bolster your SEO:

     1. Acquisition Of New Markets

Relative popularity may help you focus on doing promotions in brand new markets. For instance, if you want to sell your services internationally, you can use Google Trends to know which countries to prioritize your efforts in.

     2. Develop Content Around Seasonal Trends

If you want to take advantage of seasonal trends, you can rely on an increase in the popularity of certain keywords. This will help you plan your content strategy across the year and know which topics to cover during their peak seasons.

     3. Capitalize On Trending Topics

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to know the kind of content users are hungry for at any given time. Lucky for you, Trending Searches will make your dreams come true. You can utilize this tool to find search queries that display significant surges in popularity over the past day or so and in any location.

     4. Helps With Content Calendar Planning

Another fantastic way to make use of Google Search Trends is when planning your annual content calendar. You can study the trends of a specific term and analyze when it peaks and when it dips in popularity after which you can produce content accordingly.

     5. Generate Keyword Ideas

SEO experts also use Google Search Trends to identify new keyword ideas through related queries. Google can reveal other search terms users key in when searching for your term. This not only helps you find more keywords but also gives you an opportunity of knowing what users are after as a whole.

     6. Enhances Communication

Trends can also help you select words that many people relate to. For example, the terms webcast and live stream are closely-related but according to Google Search trends, people search for live stream more than they do webcast. Before 2008, the most common term was webcast.

     7. Track Your Brand’s Popularity

Use Google Trends to compare your product offerings Vis a Vis those of your competitors. Search data over a given time period will help you determine how well your brand has penetrated the market or otherwise. You will know the locations in need of your product or service so you can target the people living there more.

     8. Get To The Root Cause Of A Drop In Organic Traffic

Finally, Google Search Trends can help you determine the reason for a drop in your traffic. Simply plug your keywords into Google Trends and check its popularity over time. This will help you know when to update your content or whether the keywords have lost interest among internet users altogether.

Google Search Trends is an SEO expert’s best-kept secret. It unveils a new world of opportunities that can bolster your search engine optimization strategy in more ways than one.