If you have an online business, chances are you have heard of SEO and everything that is associated with it. One thing you’ll hear is that search engine optimization is no longer needed to help your company succeed. This is of course absolutely false.

This rumor may have led to your decision to hold off hiring an SEO expert. Well, it’s a good thing that you are here right now reading this article because I will give you a look into the hard facts to prove that SEO is and always will be important.


1. Customers Now Turn To The Internet To Research Businesses

Most people have become smarter when it comes to buying, which means they would most likely spend more time reading about different brands. To do that they turn to the Internet for information on companies that sell products they are looking for.

Your company will benefit when you rank high on local keywords. By appearing on the first page of the Google search, you will be more likely to win customers.


keyword ranking


2. SEO Allows You To Connect With Mobile Users


The number of customers using their mobile phones to research has skyrocketed (over 70%!). Do not waste the wealth of potential leads that may be looking for businesses to provide them with the products or services they need.

The information they acquire from reading online shapes their decisions. This means, if you want to see your sales increase, one concrete way is to use SEO to connect with the mobile audience.


3. SEO Has a High ROI


Return of Investment or ROI is very important to marketers and business owners. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs have opted for affiliate marketing, pay-per-click, or other types of advertising options, making SEO a last option.

I advise you against making this huge mistake because SEO is one of the few marketing options that are worth investing in. You can be sure to see increases in your website traffic and at the same time, draw potential customers continuously. It won’t even cost you so much money like other advertising campaigns.

Online businesses may experience huge increases in organic traffic after contracting the services of SEO experts. You might be put off from investing money in hiring a good SEO agency, but by doing so you can see the results in your numbers.




It doesn’t mean that you should just look for the next people offering to help you with online marketing. Make sure you turn to those who have deep knowledge and enough successful experience in SEO to ensure a high ROI. Moreover, in the long term, you will realize that the steady increase in traffic and leads will make up for what you are paying for a good SEO company.

The above is an example of SEO ROI expected for a keyword or search phrase – Breast Augmentation Los Angeles.  Google tells us 1,000 people are searching for this term every month and half of the searches will go to your website if you are in the top few positions. We estimate a very low conversion rate of 4 percent to become a client from visiting your website, and our plastic surgeons have told us a breast augmentation procedure is typically billed at $6,000. The monthly revenue for this keyword is $120,000 and the annual revenue for this keyword is over one million dollars. SEO is extremely profitable in most situations! Wouldn’t you like to be earning over a million dollars from SEO services?


4. Having Solid Search Engine Results Will Help Win Customers’ Trust


If you want to establish your authority and gain the trust of your clients, you should place more emphasis on your online presence. Paid advertisements, beyond being ignored by customers, may also create negative perceptions.

SEO can do the opposite and instead, help you build a good reputation to help in increasing organic traffic. By appearing in the top results of Google searches, target clients will perceive you as an expert in the industry and will not think twice about trusting you with personal information.

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5. SEO Helps You Get On Top Of Competitors

Many companies make the mistake of thinking that inbound search engine traffic is an insignificant factor in their growth. Because of this, they would not consider hiring a top SEO agency to improve their search rankings. This is not an error you should make. I would advise you to not miss out on this huge potential for your business.

Hiring an SEO agency will truly cost you money, especially if you continue to invest in their services yearly or even monthly. If you want to woo customers who are doing a Google search for businesses like yours, then you win if you have a good agency that gets you to the top results. And if your competitors are not doing their best in their online marketing efforts, you basically can wipe them out of the online competition easily.

Because let’s face it, most people who do a search will have a preference for the first sites that show up on their results, so you can beat your competitors by investing in SEO. You can also end up grabbing the business also from local entrepreneurs, simply because you make it easy for customers to find you.


6. Your Investment Will Bear Fruit


SEO is not for those who are looking for short, quick wins. It might take time and a bit of money to see the results, but stay put, because it will come. More than that, you can expect the outcome to be more than what you initially expected. This is why I would describe this to be similar to putting money away in an investment account. You would have to put quite a bit in the beginning, but by being consistent, you will eventually see the fruits of your investment in your sales numbers. It might even be much more than your wildest expectations!


7. Your Business Can Thrive With SEO Alone


If your company can only afford or focus on one form of marketing, then chose nothing else but SEO. It doesn’t matter whether you are an online business or a local one, or if you are offering services instead of a product. You might not even need to advertise more.

Other types of digital marketing might work best for your company, so it is best to try them out before choosing one. Still, SEO might be what captures the audience best and in turn, give you enough returns. This is why smart businesses allow a huge chunk of their marketing budget to SEO, much more than on social media sites like Facebook. This is because these companies have tried and tested SEO to increase their business.

Rest assured that even if you put all your eggs in one basket (SEO), it could bring about numerous advantages as well. It will be hard work in the beginning, but then you will end up seeing those sales numbers go up as time passes.


8. Doing SEO Alone Is Risky


If you balk at the idea of hiring an SEO expert, then be warned. Not only can you massively fail from improving your positioning online, but you can even incur penalties if you do it on your own. In fact, unless you also happen to be SEO expert, then you would probably not know how to use it to your advantage.

Be aware that search engines like Google have rules and worse, consequences for rule-breakers. These best practices and algorithms change often and without warning. Keeping up-to-date on the newest protocols takes a lot of time and effort. If you are unable to follow these rules, you might be facing some penalties from Google.

You can make this easier by hiring professionals whose main job description is to know what the new rules are and know how to apply them. To have a good search result, you also need an expert who is aware of the new algorithm trends.


9. You Will Not Be Disappointed At All



Whatever type of business it is you have, even if it is a small one, you can really benefit a lot by doing SEO. This is proven by various case studies and from interviews with successful businessmen and women who have agreed and sworn by it (check out our video testimonials here or our LinkedIn Success Stories here.

Doing SEO has a huge ability to lift your business from obscurity and then bring it out into the spotlight. From no views to tens of thousands, and from lost in the middle of the vineyard, you will have to be ready for success.

If you want to enjoy this success, simply focus on the user experience and make your website more searchable in Google. This way, you are able to gain higher rankings.

Work with your SEO expert from the beginning to the end and you can move up from the bottom of the heap to number one in results and in turn, number one in sales.




It doesn’t matter if you are looking to market your brand even further or simply looking to sell more. Whatever your motivations are, you can see increases in revenue and also make your business more prominent in searches. Even if you are a small company, you can easily compete with conglomerates who have not realized this huge marketing opportunity.

If you are not as adept in SEO, you can simply look for someone who has the expertise and experience to help businesses like yours. Not only can they set you up, they can also keep working on it continuously to improve results and make your online presence stronger. Just make sure that you hire an agent who has the right knowledge to help you climb up the ratings.