What is a Full Service Digital Marketing Company?


A question many marketing managers come across once they want an overhaul of their digital presence is whether to hire a number of niche agencies or go for a full-service marketing agency. Well, to be honest, each has its pros and cons. The choice on which one to go for ultimately depends on your marketing needs. In this post, we’ll discuss what a full service digital marketing agency is and go over some of its advantages. Before we get to that though, let’s tackle some basics.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing can be simply referred to as online activities performed to promote a brand or drive sales. Business owners know just how important having a digital presence is in this day and age. The days of focusing on traditional marketing methods are over. The new customer spends the better part of the day browsing the internet. Whether they want directions, make a purchase, or catch up with their friends, people in all generations nowadays utilize the internet.

Digital marketing surrounds itself with having a good online presence. This includes a number of things such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, paid advertising, email workflows, use of explainer videos, and many other forms of inbound marketing services.

Niche Marketing Agency

To better understand what a full-service marketing agency is, let’s try to define what a niche agency is.

As the name suggests, a niche agency has a specific area of focus. For instance, you can hire one to handle your SEO, another to design your website, another for social media, and a final one for content writing. When it comes to social media, some niches will deal with certain platforms and not all of them. For instance, you can have one agency manage your Twitter account, another one for your Instagram, and another for Facebook.

People go this route for the simple reason that it encourages personalization and specification. However, hiring a niche vendor can prove difficult in some instances. For example, it may be difficult to keep in contact with all the agencies consistently and continuously for the long haul. That’s where a full-service marketing agency comes in.

What Is A Full Service Marketing Agency?

A full service digital marketing agency is in charge of managing all facets of a company’s digital presence. Essentially, such an agency would have different departments focusing on different areas including web design, content writing, SEO, website development, and social media advertising. With this in mind, the marketing agency is responsible for developing a complete strategy for the client. They would define the company’s KPI and examine how each department can contribute to the end goal for success.

What Are The Advantages Of A Full-Service Digital Agency?

When you hire one agency to handle all your online marketing activities, your company is bound to enjoy a ton of benefits including the following:

    • A Holistic Solution under One Roof: A niche marketing agency will only focus its energy in promoting your brand across one platform. In the end, you end up with an incomplete package. With a full-service company, you gain access to a pool of marketing skills. You are handing your digital marketing to a group of individuals with tremendous expertise poised at promoting your whole brand to every marketing channel.


    • Cost: By hiring a full-service digital marketing agency, you cut your costs considerably; first, because it is easy to negotiate rates when working with one person, and secondly, because there are no separate parties in need of your money.


    • Consistency: As mentioned earlier, all the departments of a full-service digital marketing agency work hand-in-hand to achieve great results as per the client’s expectation. This is because the skilled marketers from each of these departments exchange ideas, collaborate with one another, and generally work together to attain intended goals. This results in consistency and integration across all media platforms.


A full service marketing agency is a one-stop digital marketing shop. It creates a comprehensive marketing strategy detailing consistent messages across all available platforms. The agency will utilize the same colors, taglines, and logo on all your ads to ensure your brand can be easily recognized by your existing and target customers. This will avoid the problem of misleading and rogue messages that can end up confusing a customer.