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Encourage Your Site Visitors To Return and Convert


Does your company use remarketing campaigns?


Remarketing platforms allow you to advertise to users who’ve already visited your site, and from a marketing standpoint, they can be an extremely effective way to bring visitors back and encourage them to convert.


But from a consumer standpoint, they can sometimes be annoying – which you probably already know if you’ve ever purchased something online, then seen ads for that product on every site you visited for the next month.

Fortunately, irritating your target audience is avoidable.

So if you’re considering launching a remarketing campaign, make sure to follow these three key best practices:


1. Target your audience based on user intent


Although it’s possible to target all of the users who visit your site with remarketing ads, this wouldn’t be an effective use of your marketing budget.

After all – not every visitor is a potential customer, and even those who are may still be early in the research phase.

So before you create your campaigns, determine which pages on your site are closest to the bottom of your sales funnel. If you’re an e-commerce business, for example, these would be your product pages. And if you’re a B2B service provider, they would be detailed service pages.

The users who visit these pages are likely closer to converting than those who simply visit your homepage or blog. Focus your campaigns on these users, and make sure that your ads are relevant to the specific content they’ve viewed.


2. Set frequency caps


No matter how interested a potential customer may be in one of your products, you can be sure that they don’t want to see ads for it every five minutes.

You can avoid this issue by setting frequency caps that limit how many times each individual user sees one of your ads per day, week, or month.

This is a commonly overlooked step, but one that can make the difference between annoying a potential customer or convincing them to return and make a purchase.

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3. Stop advertising to users after they convert


One of the easiest mistakes to make with a remarketing campaign is continuing to advertise to users after they convert. This is not only somewhat annoying to the user but an ineffective use of your marketing budget. We’ve learned this through our Minneapolis SEO Services experience.


The best way to avoid this is with “burn pixels,” or tracking pixels that remove users from specific remarketing lists after they’ve converted. This way, you don’t have to worry about targeting users with ads for a product they’ve already purchased – and you can reallocate the money you save on users who haven’t yet converted.


Does your company use remarketing ads? When done right, a remarketing campaign can generate great results for any business. After all, most of your potential customers won’t be ready to convert during their first visit to your site – and remarketing is one of the most effective ways to make sure that they don’t forget to come back.


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