3 Digital Marketing Mistakes Doctors and Lawyers Make

There are a lot of theories and ideas out there about digital marketing. There are some great marketing experts and some that are claiming to be experts. I want to help you save time and energy - potential thousands of hours and dollars. My sole purpose is to help people succeed much faster in [...]

Control The Damage Reputation Management And SEO Tactics

Nothing is more precious than your reputation. What happens when someone researches you online and you find some nasty comments from a jilted ex-lover, discontented employee, or complaining customer? And it becomes a nightmare when you can see it #3 on a Google search for your name or business name! The worst case scenario is [...]

How To Find Keywords

Best Keyword Research Tool How To Find Keywords For SEO Welcome to the Keyword Research Tutorial! This video is for you if you’re a business owner or entrepreneur that wants to learn how to find the most profitable keywords on the internet for your business. I’m going to tell you how to [...]

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Earning More Money Online Ecommerce Conversion Optimization Best Practices

Conversion Rate Optimization Services E-commerce Optimization Tips We're talking today about the MOST important elements to include on your e-commerce site. This information has been developed over an eight-year period. These will give you some very essential strategies to implement to convert more prospects into customers on your sites. The single most important element you [...]

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Minneapolis Digital Marketing Converts Instagram Traffic To Leads

Have you ever wondered how you could leverage Instagram to increase your leads and sales for your business? We've tested different ideas and have learned how to be effective in terms of conversions using Instagram Story Ads. Enjoy these three tips for creating Instagram story ads that are proven to convert the [...]

The Need for a Comprehensive and Systematic Web Traffic Analysis

Written by: Elizabeth Engen, Principal of Premier SEO Ninjas Businesses spend considerable portions of their budget on inbound online marketing campaigns from the classic search engine optimization strategies to pay-per-click advertising campaigns and social media marketing. All of these activities are geared for a single purpose: to drive traffic to a business’ website. It is, [...]

Instagram Marketing

Premier SEO Ninjas is not only very adept at helping you land high on organic search listings, but it is also very proficient in helping you grow your Instagram followers and maintain your brand’s image, credibility, and trustworthiness for many decades to come. In case you haven’t noticed, two of the most powerful search engines [...]

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