3 Digital Marketing Mistakes Doctors and Lawyers Make

There are a lot of theories and ideas out there about digital marketing. There are some great marketing experts and some that are claiming to be experts. I want to help you save time and energy - potential thousands of hours and dollars. My sole purpose is to help people succeed much faster in [...]

How To Boost SEO With Social Media Content

Most businesses today realize the importance of having an online presence to expand the reach of their potential customers although they're not usually clear as to how it can have a positive influence on their organic SEO rankings. Our internet marketing experts at Premier SEO Ninjas wanted to help put into focus the cause [...]

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The Need for a Comprehensive and Systematic Web Traffic Analysis

Written by: Elizabeth Engen, Principal of Premier SEO Ninjas Businesses spend considerable portions of their budget on inbound online marketing campaigns from the classic search engine optimization strategies to pay-per-click advertising campaigns and social media marketing. All of these activities are geared for a single purpose: to drive traffic to a business’ website. It is, [...]

Snap Chat Marketing

If you have a business that is heavily reliant on a particular age demographic such as those belonging to the 18 to 34 age group, then you need to engage in sound and highly reliable Snapchat marketing strategies to take full advantage of the many benefits of this social media platform in today’s businesses. And [...]

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