Reputation Management SEO Tactics


Nothing is more precious than your reputation. What happens when someone researches you online and you find some nasty comments from a jilted ex-lover, discontented employee, or complaining customer? And it becomes a nightmare when you can see it #3 on a Google search for your name or business name!

The worst case scenario is seeing a “scam report” with your name attached to it. A close second is finding something with “poor credit report” attached to your name too. While there is nothing you can do about the person making these claims there is something you can do to combat this, an SEO campaign for reputation management. Every campaign is different although there are some similar steps to take.

Have your website in the first position

If you own more than one website have them ranking in the top positions. This can be done by optimizing the pages you want to rank for on your website. One caveat: if you’ve got a common name like “John Smith,” or “Ann Jones,” and live in a large city this technique won’t work. There will be too many other names competing with yours.

Create blogs in your name

If the focus of your SEO is to be found in the search results you can host your blog on BlogSpot or WordPress. There are multiple places for you to create a blog on a web 2.0 properties that have higher domain authority and will naturally rank higher than others.

Create and optimize social profiles

social listings

Find user-generated content social media sites and promote them. Three of our favorites are StumbleUpon, Squidoo, and MySpace.

Evaluate the top 20 positive listings that could be pushed up past the negative ones

This takes some skill and tools – to know the metrics and what is needed to overpower the sites that are higher in the SERPS. Ultimately this is what reputation management is all about pushing up the positive things and leapfrogging anything that is negative. This can be done in two ways either through link building or on-page optimization.

Evaluate any neutral ranking pages and make them positive

Again look at the top 20 listings and see if you can make them work to your advantage since they are already there.

The best way to protect your reputation online is to make sure you aren’t acting in ways that would need you to go ahead with an SEO Reputation Management campaign in the first place. When you communicate your values and standards at the same time living them you’ll come out better in the end. If you want to be known for excellence you better have excellence. SEO helps protect against anyone who tarnishes your name and have the world know it, whether you deserve it or don’t deserve it.

Actions To Improve Your Online Reputation

In order to do business with others, you want people to be impressed by you and your talents. Many entrepreneurs have a hard time navigating how to build their reputation online without being boastful. Here are some ways for you to start positively molding your reputation:

5 star review

1) Ask customers and friends (that are customers) for rave reviews
2) Blog about your accomplishments or working with big brands
3) Get interviewed for an article or podcast
4) LinkedIn groups tell members how you’ve helped others with similar issues overcome
5) Public speaking gives you leverage
6) Write articles using case studies
7) Use Twitter to speak directly to someone who needs your solution
8) Hire someone for a press release
9) Forums are another great place to brag about your accomplishments or offer a solution


Considering your unique situation with your online reputation, there may be numerous other tactics to use. The list above will help you to begin if you wish to do it yourself. If you would like our help with your online reputation management SEO campaign feel free to get the process started by filling out our Discovery Form.