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E-commerce Optimization Tips

We’re talking today about the MOST important elements to include on your e-commerce site. This information has been developed over an eight-year period. These will give you some very essential strategies to implement to convert more prospects into customers on your sites.

The single most important element you need to include is a live chat

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Why People Love Live Chat

It’s one of the most strongly correlated things with conversions and cart check out. This feature enables you to reach out to a live customer and answer questions about products and shipping. Rather than have someone search through your entire site and all your FAQs you want to make it as easy as possible for a potential customer to make a decision. (this is a great point of contact too for service related businesses – not all prospects want to make a phone call)

  • Customer Convenience
  • Cuts Down On Expenses
  • Increases Sales (Upselling)
  • Gives An Edge Over Competition
  • Understand Customer’s Pain Points

If you’re on a serious budget and have Cpanel access, there are four or five free options there.

There is a whole variety of paid options that are WordPress plugins to use too. What’s wonderful about this is that you can use it on the go if you wish.

Some e-commerce stores will be more elaborate than others – the ones that have a lot of variety and options will need this more than the stores that do not.

Incentivize with a Discount

Use a pop-up box with a coupon for savings. It helps to make sure it’s seen right away when someone lands on your site. People love to get deals. People love to feel special. This has become the norm for any e-commerce site and most do offer coupons to their customers. It works!

Offer Free Shipping

This is a real value-add. Most people have become accustomed to getting this on qualifying orders. Consider even bumping up the price a bit to give this to your customers. Make sure to make it prominent on your site so it will stand out. If your sites are not utilizing these basic practices it’s an epic fail for you and know that you are losing out on tons of sales.

Collect Contact Info (Even Non-Buyers)

The initials sales come from traffic to the site, but the vast majority of the re-occurring sales will come from your list. A good way to implement this is to use the pop-up box strategy with a coupon code and email it to the customer so that they need to opt into your newsletter first.

It’s important to do testing with this. For some people opting in would be a barrier. E-commerce is all about measuring, tracking, and testing so you’ll need to see what works best. If you’re finding a lot of people aren’t opting in then make a change.

Show Related Products

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On each product page, if you highlight products that are similar to what the consumer is already looking at, chances are they will purchase more. Consider the granddaddy of all e-commerce – Amazon – they display ‘Customers who bought this also bought’ and they show bundles or items that purchasers are buying together.

There are many more ways to increase sales on your e-commerce store site. If you wish to talk with us about our e-commerce optimization services feel free to reach out so that we can have a consultation.