How Does Google Search Console Help with SEO?


There are several SEO tools that you’ll find in the digital market today. While most of them can be highly beneficial, there are often high costs associated with them. However, there are some free tools that you can still leverage to accomplish a variety of SEO tasks.

One of the best free tools most savvy digital marketers recommend is Google Search Console (or GSC). This free tool by Google provides marketers with a good opportunity to gain insights about their websites.

What is Google Search Console?

Previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, GSC is a web-based SEO for site owners to track indexing, crawling, and other metrics from the Googlebot for organic visibility optimization purposes. It is not only useful in monitoring visibility metrics but also in discovering new insights to help webmasters boost their organic footprints.

Put simply, it is the only place to get your site’s SEO information directly from Google. As a side note, Bing has a similar but separate tool: the Bing Webmaster Tools.

Importance of GSC for SEO

If you are a busy website owner, you may wonder how sleuthing around GSC will help boost your site’s SEO. Well, you need to know that there are lot of things that you can do with GSC to improve your SEO. The good news is that you don’t need a physics degree to understand or use the tools that come with GSC.

To help you understand why Google themselves insist that every website owner should use GSC, here is a quick overview of how this powerful tool from Google can take your SEO efforts from one level to another.

1. Search Performance Analytics

With Search Console, you can easily quantify your keyword position by looking at your search performance analytics. You can get a quick overview of the number of impressions versus clicks that your site has been receiving over the last 16 months. This can go a long way in helping you figure out whether Meta descriptions and title tags are enticing your target audience.

2. Fixing Indexing and Crawl Errors

Search Console provides a summary of the number of your site’s pages that are indexed as well as warnings or notifications about why certain pages aren’t currently listed. GSC also gives a Crawl Errors report that can help you establish broken links and other types of errors that can hurt the user experience of your site.

3. Knowing your AMP Status

amp pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (or AMPS) is used to boost your website’s speed and performance on mobile devices. Remember that a mobile-friendly site is nothing to sneeze at in the post-mobilegeddon era we live in. With Search Console, you can check on your pages to ascertain that they are running properly. If any issue is detected, a notification will be sent to you about it and you can use the Search Console to validate any changes that you make.

4. Checking Your Internal And Back Links To Boost Your Pages

Links play a critical role in SEO. Backlinks, for instance, tell search engines that your pages have high-quality content and worth looking into (otherwise nobody would link to you). On the other hand, internal links give your website structure by connecting your contents to send signals to Google about what your site is all about.

5. Getting New Content Indexed Faster

Every time you publish a new post, it may take days before Google Crawlers decide to index your pages. With Search Console, you can use a few simple procedures to reduce this time and get your pages indexed instantly.

Key Takeaway

Google Search Console is a must-use tool for any website owner who cares about SEO. As you can see, it encompasses a lot of intricacies that other free (and even some paid) tools don’t just cater to. It is very resourceful to any search engine optimization campaign and will get you much better results. Hopefully, the above-highlighted aspects will help you identify any technical issues with your site, garner important keyword data, monitor your site’s performance, and ensure that you are in compliance with Google’s best practices. Review the data that you get from this powerful tool, leverage the various SEO checks hinted above, and act on any findings to boost your website’s organic visibility and rankings.

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