How To Boost SEO With Social Media Content

Most businesses today realize the importance of having an online presence to expand the reach of their potential customers although they’re not usually clear as to how it can have a positive influence on their organic SEO rankings. Our internet marketing experts at Premier SEO Ninjas wanted to help put into focus the cause and effect of creating engaging social media content and improved search engine results page positioning.

If you want your business to survive for years to come it starts with building your brand online and sharing content with your audience they want to be seeing. The goal is to captivate the attention of your customers and prospects while inspiring them to engage and share it.

You begin with a planned content marketing strategy and implement robust social media promotion tools such as Instagram Ads or Facebook Ads – this has assisted many of our doctors and lawyer clients to accomplish their SEO and social media objectives more quickly. Since the ads on Instagram and Facebook platforms can be targeted so easily, more users will come into contact with your alluring website-linked content, thus increasing your visibility, followers, shares, and site traffic as a result. Voila! (To see more about How To Convert Instagram Ads see our previous blog post click here)

In the grand scheme of SEO social signals (e.g. likes) are not a part of Google’s algorithm. Where you do win with social signals is expanding your brand awareness and interaction with an increase in traffic and backlinks. These two factors are two of the most important factors that converge together with others to determine the search engine result page position for your website. Our infographic below shows how social media and SEO correlate to improve your online rankings.

social media infographic

If you want to learn more about how to boost your social media engagement and impact through direct marketing, our experienced team at Premier SEO Ninjas are here to consult with you. Send us an email to begin a conversation to increase your results.