Voice Search SEO 

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How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search – this is for you if you’re a biz owner looking for more leads and customers coming to your business.

Interesting facts related to voice search: please watch the video for some fascinating statistics.

Let’s get into how to, the Optimization for Voice Search for your website

Okay, the good news is that if you’re already using SEO best practices, there’s not much you need to do and the bad news is that if you aren’t using SEO, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and do a lot of work.

Claim your Google My Business Listing

It’s free and it’s important to keep it updated with any telephone number or address changes.

A growing trend since 2013 has been “near me” searches and the geo-locator can find your business if it’s optimized for the GMB listing. This practice will increase the number of prospects for your products or services.

A cool SEO tip is to upload geotagged images to your Google My Business profile (check back later for a blog post on that). This imprints your image with the location of your business, possibly the name of your business, and maybe even what types of searches you want to be found for.

Set up your blog for local searches

You can put in the name of the city (s) in your pages or blog posts since the location is what’s important in voice searches. This is a basic foundation step in terms of local seo services.

Ask your customers to give you rave reviews

It’s not impossible to rank on Google’s map pack if you don’t have google reviews for your business but it’s much easier. It also helps you stand out from your competition.

Think about how people talk

What kind of natural language would you or others use to describe your products or services? You want to steer away from keywords that are typically used such as “Paris” for example and you may want to use “cost for airfare to Paris” instead.

A good resource to use that we like is Answer the Public, it’ll give you popular options of natural questions people have asked about your particular topic.

Put Q & A Content Throughout Your Site

After identifying some of the commonly used natural language patterns relating to your business, you can use this on your site about what people often ask about what you do. What type of info is critical for decision makers to know before they become your customer? What makes you unique compared to your competition? Have fun with this and know it will help you to develop more content.

Use Schema Markup

Over 10 million websites use schema on the internet today from schema.org. Schema markup is a type of code that you put on your website to help the search engines return more informative results for users. Basically, it gives the search engines more info about your business and the more info it has the more chances of your business to be pulled up in the search results. It absolutely builds trust with the search engines. (check back here for a blog post about schema).

FYI no one says that schema is a ranking factor, but with my experience, I will disagree. I’ve used schema data on thousands of websites and that alone has helped them all rank more highly in the search results.

Analytics Will Give You Clues

Google Search Console has an area that tells you the exact queries people use to find a business like yours. You can see if there are clicks coming to your site from those search terms. If there are no clicks Google is giving you an opportunity to audition for these search queries by giving you these suggestions. If you find search terms that you aren’t using on your site right now that you’d like to use to get people coming to your site, include that phrase in your SEO strategy. These keywords can be found in the search traffic, then click on search analytics.

Focus On Mobile Optimization

Since the majority of voice searches come from a mobile device, make sure your site is mobile friendly. You can do a google search to find Google’s mobile-friendly site test.

If your site takes more than 2 seconds to load the majority of users will hit the back button and go to your competitors instead. There is a difference between the site speed on a desktop and a mobile device so make sure you are using the results from a mobile test, can be done at Google’s Page Speed Insights. (shameless plug we can help you optimize your speed for mobile or desktop for a low fee of $100)

The use of voice search will continue to grow and become more sophisticated, accurate, and responsive in 2018 and beyond. Use these tips to optimize your website for voice search SEO. Feel free to contact us at Premier SEO Ninjas for a free consultation.