SEO Equals Business Transformation



In this day and age, all businesses need to be on the internet to entice more prospects to become customers. That is how a smart business owner grows their business – by getting more eyeballs on either their products or services. Driving traffic online has become the easiest and fastest way to be seen and recognized in this competitive world. No matter what industry you are in, Internet Marketing Services – more specifically SEO, will transform your business.

How will it transform? By bringing a steady flow of customers that are already searching for you online, prospects will find you and come to your website. With help from marketing professionals that understand how to convert these visitors that come to your site, you can increase your business. But not all online marketers are alike – some know what they are doing with SEO and keep up with all the algorithm changes and some do not. A few become Google Partners (more trusted) and some of them become the elite, Premier Google Partners (Premier SEO Ninjas has earned that distinction through certification).

I was speaking to a woman on the phone the other day that has had SEO done previously and is ready to start another SEO campaign. “I’m used to paying $500 for services, do I really need so much? This is more money than I expected.” We had shown her a proven system that will triple her ROI and bring her local business an extra five figures each month in eight months or less (guaranteed). We know that she saw the value but at that moment failed to realize that SEO equates to business transformation! Our Internet Marketing Services would put her in the top positions for the most searched for phrases in her industry.

My thought was that her previous Internet Marketing Companies could not have done that great of a job otherwise she wouldn’t be speaking to me. Most business owners understand the importance of being found in the search results pages but they may not understand the critical difference between the amount of traffic coming from a number one or first listing, and a fifth spot listing. In case you didn’t know, the top few spots receive 40% of the traffic for search terms. The paid ads you can click on through the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing statistically only get less than six percent of the traffic – and not many people know that the leads are divided up amongst all the people advertising at any given time, so it may only be one-seventh of the total leads. To understand the difference between SEO and PPC watch this.

All in all, SEO is the best way to get more customers coming to your business in 2018. Dr. Derek found that out when he took the plunge and invested in our SEO services. In the chiropractic industry, many doctors believe their expertise alone will bring business to them and when it doesn’t happen…the panic sets in. Within six months of working with us, Dr. Derek had an increase of 12 new patient bookings every single week, and he was very happy that these new patients stayed with him as well. Dr. Derek is pleased that he’s been able to expand (adding a new chiropractic clinic) and purchase a new luxury yacht where he can spend on during the weekends.

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