Instagram Minneapolis Marketing Agency

Have you ever wondered how you could leverage Instagram to increase your leads and sales for your business? We’ve tested different ideas and have learned how to be effective in terms of conversions using Instagram Story Ads. Enjoy these three tips for creating Instagram story ads that are proven to convert the traffic into leads!

Advertising is not easy, you have to tweak your efforts to find out what consumers want. The big advantage is the ability to put your products or services in front of a larger amount of people who need it the most INSTANTLY.

The more creative you become and get your ads in front of more people the better you’re going to do or the more sales you’re going to make. Your brand will grow from this exposure. The obvious is that you’re going to make more sales and earn more money. Instagram story ads are just another way to accomplish your marketing goals. It’s a huge advantage to you to be able to get in front of mass amounts of people to be seen. We’ve been running these ads from our Marketing Agencies in Minneapolis.

What is an Instagram Story Ad? They play between your followers’ stories, so they fit in seamlessly with other content. The reason why these ads are so powerful is that you only can see the stories of the people that you are following. People pay attention to these ads because there are no distractions, you cannot see any other stories besides the one you at watching.

Tip #1 – Setting Up Instagram Story Ads

Story Ads can only be 15 seconds long. So the tip is to make the video only 14 seconds long so that it will be approved to run. If you’re doing an image ad you don’t need to be concerned with this. The video ads are hot though so if you’re implementing this you can tell what you want the users to do – swipe up, etc.

Since Facebook purchased Instagram if you want to set up a Story Ad you’ll need to go through the Facebook Ads Manager to set it up. There are four different objectives to choose from when setting up an ad for Instagram: Video Views, Conversions, Traffic (previously Website Clicks), and Mobile App Installs. Conversions are if you are trying to make sales and you can request users to swipe up. It’s also important to set up the pixels so that you can also run retargeting ads.

After you choose the option to run a video ad you can then choose where to place your video ad. In the placements section, you may edit the placement and it is here you want to only run your ads on Instagram and then check the stories option. Don’t forget you can only run a video that is 15 seconds.

Tip #2 – Regarding Mobile Devices

Only target individuals when they are connected to Wi-Fi. You will receive better connections and conversions for running your Instagram Stories Ads when you check the box for only connected to Wi-Fi. We’ve run several tests and what we’ve found is the majority of the traffic coming to your ad will be from mobile devices. The person viewing the ad will see it run more smoothly, this is why we’re recommending it.

To complete your ad set up you need to enter the URL to direct where you want the visitors to go and create a powerful call to action.

Tip #3 – Custom Dimensions For the Ad

Have fun and be creative and you will definitely see a rise in the number of leads that you are generating for your business.

Instagram Story Ads Work Best When You’re Targeting the People That Are Engaging With Your Page Or Videos.

Using the story ads is a wonderful way to introduce people to you but remember that you are interrupting them, they more than likely do not know who you are, they were watching whoever they are following’s story. Then your ad popped up. So this is considered to be cold traffic and it will not convert. Cold traffic is the first exposure you have to a person or a brand.

The next time they see one of your videos it moves into the warm traffic category. Now if someone is really liking what you are putting out there online with comments or they’ve purchased something, that is classified as hot traffic. This is ultimately where you want all your leads to be – HOT. But we need to start somewhere so the best way to get people to convert is to re-engage the people that have gone to your profile page or have made comments. You can set this all up on the ads page.

Some of the options are – people that have gone to your profile page, people that have watched your videos, and people that have interacted with you. There are so many ways to create an audience target list.

Now is the time to get to it. Start creating Instagram Story Ads for your own purposes. The more you do the more you’ll learn and if you never try than it will be that much harder to sell your products or services. Use these three valuable tips to be more effective with your online marketing and don’t forget to go after the warm traffic or people that engage with your content already.