Not Making Money on Your Website? Here’s Why and What You Can Do about It


You hired a reputable web developer to create a stunning site for you. Together, you sat down, came up with a content strategy, and set the ball rolling. The end product impressed you so much you tipped the expert well. Then you went in with your best strategies of monetizing it and hoped it would generate boatloads of money in a few months’ time. However, it’s been years and despite your best efforts, there’s nothing to write home about.

It’s not uncommon for a website to be unsuccessful. There are plenty of reasons for this and we plan to investigate them right here but before that it is important to understand how you can monetize your site.

How Can You Monetize A Website?

Creating a website for your company or brand could be the best thing you ever did. We’ve seen people quit their day jobs after a few months of creating their blogs or websites. If you learn the ropes of making money with a website, there’s no telling how wealthy you can be. So, here are some of the ways of making money with a website:


  • Affiliate Marketing: This is where most people begin. Affiliate markers earn a commission for advising users to buy goods and services from other sites.
  • E-commerce: This involves selling products and services on your site. It is by far the best way of monetizing a website.
  • Ads: You can also host ads for certain companies and get paid for it (it’s easy to earn an extra $1,000 – $5,000 a month if your site gets enough traffic)
  • Sponsored Content: If your blog or site attracts thousands of visitors, you can host posts and articles from reputable brands.
  • Flipping: You can make a good income just by buying domain names, creating websites, and selling them, a phenomenon called flipping.
  • Subscription or Premium Membership: If you have the guts, you can create a site or blog and have your loyal users pay a premium or subscription fee for it.


Reasons Your Site Isn’t Bringing In Money

Every website should turn into a profitable venture at some point. It might take a year, a few months, or even weeks, but if you know your craft well, it shouldn’t take a lifetime to make money with it. Here are some reasons your site is unsuccessful:

     1. Your Website Is Hidden

The success of monetizing a website is making it visible. If you don’t have quality traffic, it may not see the light of day anytime soon. Check your content strategy and SEO in general. What about your off-page SEO? Is there anything that can be done to improve any of these areas? You might need to bring in an expert to help you answer these questions.

     2. You Aren’t Mobile

In 2017, 50.3% of internet traffic generated across the world came from mobile accounts. Blame it on the growth of smartphones but the mobile age is here already. If your site is missing on mobile, you better believe you’ll lose half of your prospects. Considering the fierce competition that is out there, not being mobile is a costly mistake as a website owner. Ensure that your content can load on all browsers and devices and that it does so in a reasonable time. Go over the legibility of your content. Double check everything on a regular basis (3 – 6 months suggested).

     3. You Don’t Have A Good Understanding Of Your Audience

Most website owners think they have a good grasp of their target audience but a majority of them actually don’t. As a rule, don’t target everyone or cast a wide net. Zero in on who you think would benefit from your content and create it with them in mind. Perform thorough market research and put your assumptions to test until you are confident that you are focusing on the right group.

     4. Your Content Strategy And Site Organization Are Wanting

High-quality content and an organized site are vital elements for attracting customers. You can utterly damage your brand and repel target clients through a disorganized site and content that sucks. The best way to know if your site and content need a facelift is to hire the pros who will identify all loopholes and expertly mend them.

     5. You Have Zero Conversion Opportunities

Finally, the problem could be on your conversions. Confirm whether you have sufficient conversion opportunities on-site. Are they visible from any part of your site? Do your conversion forms work on all browsers and devices? Don’t leave anything to chance here.

When a website isn’t making money, most people throw in the towel and call it a done deal. However, sometimes all you need to do is improve your digital marketing strategies and start smelling the money.