Geo Tag Images How Does Geotagging Work

What’s Geotagging?

This is for you if you want your business, products or services to have a massive increase in online exposure.

Geotagging is a tactic that will help you rank your website at the top of search engines. Let me be straight with you – geotagged pictures have helped me to rank sites in the top positions for thousands of keywords, but it will not help rank sites with this tactic alone.

The major value of geo tag images is that it gives power to the relevancy of the location of the business that you are trying to rank. What I’m talking about here is local SEO or geo-specific SEO.

An example would be city plus keyword, like Chicago Chiropractor. The important factor with SEO is providing the search engines relevance for the industry or niche that you’re working with and the city or cities the business is located in.

Geotagging is extremely effective in the local SEO markets, used for local SEO purposes.

Let’s break down the word Geo-Tag for a minute. Geo means a single point or a single location. Wherever you are there’s a specific geo-location coordinate that places you on the earth and if you move five feet away there’s another coordinate for that location. Geotagging defines a specific point of where your business is.

The tag part means to put the geo (location identifying info) on the image itself. This tag gets embedded in the image itself.

Where does geotagging come from?

If you look at this image of the equator – longitude goes around the earth (follow the equator) and latitude goes up and down. The grid pattern represents the various locations and areas around the earth.

If you think about a GPS system to travel from one place to another, this system uses the geo-coordinates of the specific locations. What we’re doing with this geotagging website SEO strategy is we’re marking the coordinates of the business at its specific location.

When we geotag an image we’re giving Google very specific and reliable information that the business is located in that very spot. Google looks at the consistency of your business name, address, and phone number across the citation listings on the web. When these are consistent it gives your business relevancy.

This practice is 100% white hat – there is no manipulation with using geotagging images to help rank your website at the top of Google. There are a variety of places to place these images to give a boost in the search results. If you’re listening and you want help from us, please fill out our Discovery Form to get help with your SEO.