testimonial 13
Elizabeth is by far one of the world’s greatest marketers, and that’s an understatement because her methods of manipulating the search engines have proven itself time and time again. She is business savvy, phenomenal in her field, and is an incredible inspiration to all of those who work with her. Without hesitation I recommend Premier SEO Ninjas to get your company the results you are looking for.
Bolton Alford
testimonial 11
have had the great opportunity to get to know the enormous capability that Elizabeth Engen has for helping to grow any business by way of search engine optimization and digital marketing. She is indeed gifted and is in the top 1% of online marketers in the entire country. If you get a chance to work with Elizabeth, by all means, DO NOT pass up the opportunity. You will be thrilled by the way she helps your business catapult ahead of your competition.
Joseph Baffy
testimonial 9
Elizabeth is the #1 SEO expert in Minneapolis. She can rank your business on page one in Google for any term you choose while bringing you high ROI. I would gladly work with Elizabeth again and I can recommend her and her digital marketing agency Premier SEO Ninjas.
Chavdar Iliev
testimonial 7
Elizabeth has a very dynamic presence in the SEO and online business world. She’s bright, articulate and caring which immediately puts her clients at ease. Without a doubt, Premier SEO Ninjas is easy for me to recommend as a top-notch, sales and digital marketing giant. Elizabeth is your Premier SEO Ninja!
Trudye Webb
testimonial 2
Elizabeth Engen is one smart woman who is extremely effective when it comes to ranking websites in the search engines. Her unique approach, attention to detail, and breadth of knowledge has helped me establish my business with expert advice and encouragement. She brings her passion to each client’s business, resulting in a great ROI from free traffic. Elizabeth’s expertise has helped my company achieve our revenue goals, and so I whole-heartedly recommend Premier SEO Ninjas, as one of our industry’s best SEO agencies today.
Waqar Ali
testimonial 5
Elizabeth is bar none one of the greatest assets any business could afford to have. She is a master of her trade and always makes it a priority to surpass client’s expectations. With her cutting edge knowledge in SEO and her generous character, I am beyond thankful. I trust Elizabeth with my company and highly recommend her services to anyone.
Megan Lee
testimonial 1
Elizabeth is an amazing search marketer with an amazing work ethic. She truly knows how to get results that you can depend on. The internet is always changing and it can be hard to know how to make the correct decisions. But when you trust and rely on Elizabeth everything gets worked out!
Kyle Crumpler
testimonial 23
Finding someone that is skilled at Online Marketing and Branding Services isn’t really easy. Most people claim they can do it, however, I know first hand that Elizabeth Can and DOES do it. She is absolutely incredible with her skillset and can realy turn a completely around.
Serkan Alp, Director ThinkON! Digital Marketing GmbH
testimonial 23
Elizabeth has a great knack for meeting the most ridiculous deadlines and maintaining an exceptional level of professionalism at all times. Her dedication to her craft set a tone for all members of her team and I can not thank her enough for help. Her expert knowledge of search engine marketing makes her the leader of the pack and makes everyone else wonder she does it. Highly recommend her, and wish you all the best Elizabeth!
Michael J. Monaghan, SEO, SEM, SMO, Branding Director at Arcachon Bay Products
testimonial 22
Elizabeth has developed a supernatural ability to read the mind of Google and foresee upcoming trends in the search engines. Very few SEO agencies would attempt to compete with Elizabeth on her turf because they know they can’t beat her. Her campaigns are precise and lethal, business owners shouldn’t hire mediocre – they should hire best.
Linden Schwark, Google Search Engine Optimization Expert
testimonial 21
What can I say? Liz gets the job done when it comes to SEO. Working with her was a great choice. Great to be part of her trusted network. It’s a pleasure and an honor to recommend you to this dedicated professional. Thank you for you for your contributions and loyalty Elizabeth.
Mustafa Dabbagh, SEO Specialist at Mufasa Muscle LLC
testimonial 20
Elizabeth is a marketing genius. But really what sets her apart from others is her absolute understanding of her clients and commitment to their success. Elizabeth is most definitely at the top of the game when it comes to developing and implementing online marketing strategies. And she’s one of the hardest working people I know. She’ll do everything possible to make sure his clients get the results they want. Elizabeth over delivers every single time. Highly recommended.
Jake Moore SEO Expert, Digital Mover | page 1 Google Rankings Guaranteed | Free Website Security Checks | Has 50+ recs
testimonial 11
I’ve had the good fortune of knowing and working with Elizabeth for nearly a year. In that time she’s demonstrated her deep understanding of internet marketing again and again. I’m always impressed with her focus and determination to get the job done right. I have learned a lot from Elizabeth and look forward to growing our working relationship. I happily give Elizabeth and Premier SEO Ninjas my highest recommendation.
Nate Meyer
testimonial 10
When you use Elizabeth and her team at Premier SEO Ninjas, you can count on seeing great results with SEO. Their team uses cutting edge SEO techniques, and will definitely over deliver when it comes to getting you top rankings. On top of all of that, they are easy and fun to work with. I give Elizabeth and her team 2 big thumbs up! You cannot go wrong if you hire them to help you maximize your online presence.
Rob Mc Donagh
testimonial 8
If you need more clicks and revenue from your website, don’t hesitate to contact Elizabeth. Not only is Elizabeth a leading SEO expert, but she is truly a great person. She will partner with you and your business to make you as successful as possible. She is one of the best SEO and internet marketing experts in the industry. Premier SEO Ninjas is great to work with and they take the time to explain everything so you can understand. I highly recommend Elizabeth and her team for all your website ranking needs.
Ryan Ramos
testimonial 6
Elizabeth shows week in and week out that she stays on the cutting edge of SEO and online marketing. It is a great pleasure to see someone so passionate about their work and their professional community. I confidently recommend Elizabeth and her team for the most challenging national and global brand ranking campaigns.
Darcy Bailey
testimonial 4
What can I say about Elizabeth? I’ve had a chance to work alongside her and witness firsthand her enthusiasm for getting companies to the top of the search engines. I can say, without a doubt, what separates the 99% from the 1% at the top is an ability to adapt to Google’s ever-changing algorithm. That’s a job that is not only difficult but one she does better than almost anyone. I definitely recommend Elizabeth.
Paula Chess
testimonial 3
Elizabeth does an extraordinary job with SEO. She is a multi-talented and proactive team player. Elizabeth can generate more traffic to your website with her specialized skills.
Chris VanOosten
testimonial 19
Elizabeth is an online mover and shaker, it is flat out amazing, her in-depth knowledge and all out massive action. WOW! If your looking to dominate your local niche, look no further. Elizabeth is the woman to get you there, she comes highly recommended.
Jamie R. Morris, Chief Architect @ Virtual Explosion
testimonial 18
If you are looking to dominate google’s search results for your keyword of interest, you better be sure to have Elizabeth do you your SEO. Every year presents new challenges in regards to changes in google’s algorithm for ranking websites, but rest assured that Elizabeth is on top of her game. She is a master of her craft, and I am confident in her abilities to deliver top quality results. I highly recommended her services!
Faisal Uraizee, Founder at Ranking Rhino
testimonial 17
Elizabeth’s expertise will breath new life into your business. She will take your business and put in middle of a stream of customers that are looking for your goods and services.

Let me be clear… Only contact Elizabeth (a.k.a seo ninja) if you are ready to take your business, and your revenues, to the next level.

Jose Cruz, Digital Marketing - SEO Specialist
testimonial 16
Elizabeth is a dominant force in SEO and works ridiculously hard at propelling her clients to the top of Google search results. Elizabeth and her team at Engen Enterprises have been a huge help to my business by keeping us in front of every change to Googles ranking algorithm. There are less than a handful of people I can go to for tackling difficult keywords and Elizabeth is at the top of the list.
Wyatt Mills, Digital Marketing Consultant | SEO Specialist | IT Expert
testimonial 15
Don’t ever thing twice about working with Elizabeth, my experience was pure joy when having the privilege of working with her firm. She will not quit until you’re hitting the top ranks for your industry and that is a fact!
Rogelio Cortez, SEO Expert, Visionary Entrepreneur
testimonial 14
Elizabeth will make sure your firm gets its ROI by reaching its full potential on the web. She is a master at spottig and strengthening weaknesses that will improve your conversion while maintaining your reputation on the web. She is recognized to be one of the leading experts in this field and has contributed to the success of many. I would recommend her any day
Perry Moore, Founder at Apache SEO

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