7 SEO Ranking Factors in 2019 For Success


SEO is as dynamic and progressive as fashion and beauty. Just when you think you have a hold of things, tables turn and you are forced to reinvent your strategies in order to catch up. We are already halfway into 2019 and website owners have been busy tossing obsolete SEO tricks of 2018 and embracing new ones. If you haven’t done anything about your SEO game, you are definitely in luck. We’ll provide you 7 ranking factors that will change your SEO strategy and position your site for more traffic in 2019.

1. Relevant and Fresh Content

This one is a classic that is not going anywhere anytime soon. Google exists to offer internet users a quality experience and useful content for what they’re looking for. As a result, they keep reinventing their algorithms to capture the most relevant, updated, and fresh content from websites.

In 2019, seek to expand your content strategy further by creating content that your target audience actually find useful and engaging. Predict, and answer users’ questions, solve their problems, share promotions, and discounts, and give them a reason to click and share your content. Do all you can to take your content to the top.

2. Keyword Research

Keyword research is also taking on a new meaning this year. Unlike in the past where short-tail keywords guaranteed better rankings, there’s more focus towards long-tail, natural keywords in 2019. Users are geared towards keying in long search terms and Google is changing to adapt to that. To optimize your webpage for better rankings, utilize keyword research tools available online to know what your users are looking for then create long keywords based on that information.

3. Google My Business Listing

Many business owners have yet to take advantage of what Google My Business (GMB) has to offer to reach its full potential. Granted, most of them have a GMB account but they haven’t filled out all the necessary information or have poor images uploaded. To really maximize GMB, ensure your profile is complete with updated info and make sure that it’s optimized. Furthermore, you might want to regularly upload videos and photos of your products, services, offices, staff, and more on your GMB.

4. Click-Through Rate (CTR)

The most effective way to drive traffic through the roof is to optimize your website’s click-through rate (CTR). Google calculates CTR as the total number of users clicking on your site after finding you on SERPS. So essentially, CTR is; how many times Google displays your website for a specific keyword versus how many people visit your website as a result of the displayed results. The two most important strategies of optimizing your CTR is performing Title Tag Optimization and including a meta description.

5. Voice Search

Another SEO trend that is huge in 2019 is voice search optimization. Instead of typing keywords on search engines, users prefer searching for information by voice. According to voice stats, 50% of online searches will be performed by voice by 2020. Expectedly, voice searches use conversational tones and often incorporate questions. As you optimize for voice search, ensure you used what, where, how, and when questions to better understand your customers.

6. Mobile search

In the last few years, we have seen a massive proliferation of the smartphone in the global device market. It has certainly replaced the desktop computer as much as surfing the internet is concerned. In 2019, Google is specific about providing internet users with convenient online experiences part of which includes ranking mobile-friendly websites on their SERPs. This is good news for website owners. If you want to beat your competition and rank high on Google, optimize your webpage for mobile devices. As you rack your brains trying to move to mobile, consider some of the best mobile design practices including using readable and clear fonts, creating a fast-loading website, easy navigation, good content, and responsive page for all types of mobile devices.

7. A Fast-Loading Website

Finally, having a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load is a fast ticket to hell as far as SEO is concerned. With the millions of quality websites that have relevant content in the online world, who wants to suffer through a webpage that won’t load fast? Nobody! Google clearly understands this and that’s why they flag down slow webpages on their SERPs without giving it a second thought.

There it is; a list of SEO ranking factors that will catapult you to success in 2019. Clearly, these strategies are not new. You simply need to switch to a higher gear within your existing SEO game and you’ll be fine.

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