My father used to say that and it’s so true about SEO – Anything worth doing is worth doing well! We are asked all the time why does the process of SEO take so long?

It takes time to see the results from even the most stellar executed SEO campaign because it takes effort to set up correctly and you also need to allow time for that work to take effect afterward.

It is normal for people this day and age to want things instantly; heck we’ve got microwaves, shopping online, and a plethora of fast food choices. It isn’t always easy to be patient and many companies would like to see instant results from their SEO campaigns right away. They may even think that the campaign is not working because the website traffic is not booming within days or weeks.

There are many unscrupulous SEO providers that do tricks to get websites to the top of search results quickly, but temporarily. What happens when black hat methods are used is that a Google will penalize a website and it will disappear altogether from the search result listings. All the traffic and the website goes away. In my opinion, not a good business strategy!

Google wants to give its users the best possible search experience possible. Good SEO practices help Google recognize the relevance of your website for potential visitors.

1. Google doesn’t like instant improvements.

Google will see that you tried to manipulate your rankings and when it is found your site will be penalized.

It is not natural if a website obtains 1,500 backlinks overnight, that indicates obvious signs of artificially generated links. Google does check the links going to your website and if they see a sign of relevance and helpfulness you are rewarded with an increase of rankings and that takes time.

2. SEO is Competitive!

Many businesses know the value of SEO and that it can help generate millions of dollars for their business. All of your competitors that are ranking at the top may have been putting SEO in place for a decade or more. If you think of SEO as a race, if you are speeding up the pace you can see that your competitors are doing the same. Your website will be making incremental changes while your competitors will be anchored in the same spot. You absolutely can and will win the race but you need to stay in the race!

3. It takes time for Google to recognize your website and assign the authority it deserves.

Your website is not crawled daily or even weekly – with that said the changes that are made on-page may not register with Google right away. It can take up to a few months for changes to be recognized and rewarded. This goes for on page and off-page SEO (backlinks pointing to your website to increase the authority and metrics to beat your competitors).

So How Long Does It Take?

There are varying answers to this question depending on which SEO Agency you talk to. Many may say 4 to 8 months, this is common. Although 6 to 12 months is more accurate.

Google Webmaster has put out of video about this same question in their video How To Hire an SEO – their answer: “In most cases, SEOs need 4 months to a year to help your business first implement improvements and then see the potential benefit.”

So Google Webmasters says 4 to 12 months to start seeing results.

12 months to witness the results is not something either a client would like to hear nor agencies want to say, but it is true. That may sound bad but, your website might be the one that sees some amazing sustainable web traffic and customers in just 4 months.

If you have realistic expectations of your SEO campaign and are ready to make the commitment to see it through, SEO is a marketing tactic with the best ROI out there. If you’re ready to be seen by the right people and increase your revenue we can help you get started today. Premier SEO Ninjas is the Best SEO Company 2018 that helps businesses get found online and recognized in their marketplaces in Detroit, PortlandRaleigh, MinneapolisSan Antonio, San Diego.