This Is Why SEO Takes So long (and Why It’s Worth the Wait)


Going by Internet Live Stats’ findings, there are currently over 1.65 billion websites on the Internet. You better believe that by the time you are done reading this article, a thousand others will have been created pages and activated them. The World Wide Web keeps exploding by the second or the fraction of it.

The truth of the matter is that every business owner creating a website is after one thing: scoring a spot on the first page of Google and other search engines. Yes, every last one of them. Another survey conducted by Tech Jury showed that by January 2019, there were close to 4.39 billion internet users. There are massive opportunities for increasing awareness and ultimately sales as a business owner.

Did you know 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine?

Also; that ranking highly for organic search results is crucial since statistically over the last 15 years between 86% and 94% of users completely ignore paid advertisements in the search results.

Unfortunately, only a handful of web pages actually rank high on Google. The rest get lost in the ocean, unnoticed by anyone. The secret of the former lot is hidden in search engine optimization, aka SEO. This powerful tool will undoubtedly make or break your online marketing efforts. SEO is not only costly and involving but takes time to see results as well. Unless you dip your feet in the risky waters of black hat SEO, it will be a while before you see some tangible results for your time and effort doing white hat SEO.

But why is this so? This is what we want to investigate today so stick around to the end to find out.

What is SEO exactly?

Before we dive into the reasons why SEO takes time, let’s begin by talking about the SEO process. Simply put, SEO is a combination of strategies that increase the ranking of your website on search engines. Ranking high means more visibility for your brand. Think about it for a minute: when you type a search keyword on Google and generate results, what are the chances of you opening the second page? Close to zero, right? Well, occasionally, internet users check pages 2 and 3 but more often than not, the results of the first page suffice. Now imagine if your website were to be found on the select few displayed on page 1? You could overhaul your marketing efforts in more ways than one. This is what SEO will do.

Search engines have crawlers that use certain algorithms to choose which sites deserve high-affinity spots on their SERPs. These crawlers examine specific requirements that meet SEO standards including relevant keywords, header tags, content value, use of images, and more. This is the reason SEO is a long process that needs a ton of patience.

Why Does It Take So Long Anyway?

We hate to break it to you but there is no definite answer to the question of how long SEO takes to see results. To some people, this may be a few months, and to others, it means a few weeks. Some business owners even pump millions of dollars into SEO campaigns only to reap results years down the line. Here are the reasons why SEO takes time:

  • Fierce Competition: As you come up with the best SEO strategies, remember a thousand others would be doing the same thing. Your competitors may be more skilled and be putting hefty resources into it by producing quality backlinks, good content, better site speed, and more.
  • Site Audits Don’t Happen Overnight: When you hire an SEO expert to help you optimize your site, he or she will begin by doing a comprehensive site audit to detect issues blocking you from ranking high. The assessment will cover areas such as URLs, code quality, crawlability, optimization, and internal links. This is a continuous process that requires perpetual improvements.
  • Good Content Is A Façade Sometimes: Just when you think you have impressive search engine-friendly content, your competitor beats you at it mercilessly. To get content that appeals to both Google and web users is no mean feat and it requires plenty of time and strategies to hack the code that keeps on changing.
  • The Cost Factor: Your SEO budget is directly proportional to the speed of your SEO success. A bigger budget lets you hire the best talent in the world to work on your campaigns, research your industry, create killer content, find the best places on the internet to get backlinks, and so on. However, you should realize that more money doesn’t always mean fast ranking but rather the completion of SEO tasks.



While it is not uncommon to see SEO results within three months of doing local campaigns, these results need to be grown over time with more strategies. This is why SEO takes time. There are no shortcuts here. Furthermore, SEO success is not a one-off thing. You can’t call it quits once your site appears on the first page of Google. If you want to have a perpetual competitive edge, you have to keep at it despite seeing results because the moment you pause, another company will take over. In the end, your site will enjoy better visibility and ultimately cause your sales to skyrocket over a long period of time.


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