Get More Video Views With YouTube SEO

I’m sure you’ve probably heard YouTube has been bought out by Google. Statistics are showing that over 1 billion – that’s with a ‘B’ users are watching videos on YouTube daily. And over 1 billion hours of watch time around the world.

That’s a lot of users right? So if you aren’t utilizing YouTube for your business it’s really something to think about implementing.

A key strategy marketers are now using is to optimize videos with using Youtube SEO.

Video content can also be found in Google’s search results and as of February 2018, Alexa has cited almost a whopping 16% of all search traffic is coming from search engines.

As you can see in the diagram the numbers have been steadily rising from less than a year ago (this is from Alea’s site).

When you’re ready to begin to start searching for relevant keywords. Keywords are also known as search terms. You can do this two ways – through Google Keyword Planner (Adwords) or through the YouTube search bar. You can see what users are already searching for that’s related to your video. What’s so powerful about doing this research is that you can see how many people are searching every month for these keywords. A good rule of thumb is to pick terms that have an average search volume of 400 or more – be sure not to go too high (several hundred thousands or millions) otherwise you’ll get a lot of heavy competition.

So let’s get into the various elements of YouTube SEO:

#1 Use the target keyword at the beginning of the video’s TITLE

If you pick a good keyword that doesn’t have a high level of competition you can be in the top of the SERPS on google or a youtube search. For example, funny cats dominates the entire page of a google search.

#2 Video Description

This is the area that tells about the video and one of the most important for ranking. Use the target keyword in the first 25 words. Make it compelling since the title is oftentimes the deciding factor why a person will view your video or not.

Write a lengthy description about your video or it’s contents. The search engines can’t watch the video so your words will tell it what your video is about. Shoot for 250 words or more, this is important if you want to rank that page that your video is on.

When you put a few targeted keywords in the video description they can be included in the closed caption area of the video.

#3 Video Tags

Be careful with the number of tags you choose to use, too many can give you a penalty.

If you aren’t sure what to use spying on your competitors will give you an advantage. Check out what similar videos are using in their video tags.

Done correctly this will give you a bonus advantage – it increases the opportunity for your video to be put in the related videos category. When viewers watch related videos like the content that is in yours, they will see your video too. This is another avenue to drive traffic to your channel.

#4 Creating Thumbnails

YouTube allows you to upload a separate image to engage the interest of viewers. This image will be seen when a person searches for a topic. Don’t forget to make this compelling and engaging because this is what a person sees and THIS is likely what will get your video chosen above all others. It will also be seen in a google search if it gets put in the SERPS.

Get More Views From Online Communities

You can funnel traffic from places like LinkedIn or Quora, just make sure it’ll be helpful to your viewers and you aren’t spamming. Come up with a question for the community that your video would answer, provide value to your group and suggest they view your video for more info.

One of the main ranking factors with YouTube is the watch time, so increasing the views from community members will be helpful.

Ask All the viewers to subscribe to your channel if they enjoyed your content and to like the video. These social signals are important to YouTube’s algorithm overall. (Please like and subscribe to my channel if you’re watching the video.)

Going back to Keywords – if you’re creating several videos you may want to group them together using different keywords.

My last thoughts are to have fun and create quality content that people will want to watch. Feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have or to have a consultation.